Accelerate Adoption

HHS Tech Group provides services at every step of blockchain adoption

Design Thinking

Led assessment that evaluates blockchain solutions from multiple dimensions

Rapid Prototyping

Creation of Proof-of-Concepts and pilot development

Complete Implementation

Full-service implementation of blockchain solutions


Our pre-built blockchain platform UniBlocTM (Universal Blockchain) and prebuilt solutions or customized services help accelerate the realization of your blockchain network.

Our Offerings

Strategy Assessment

Blockchain applicability, business impact and deployment strategy assessment

Blockchain Solution Design

Holistic solution design that encompasses people, process, operating model and technology

Blockchain Bootcamps

Technology workshops for hands-on, training and rapid prototyping

Solution Build & Implementation

Implementation, third-party vendor integration and custom development

Additional Offerings Coming Soon…

UniBloc Sandboxes

Rapid development environments featuring a suite of blockchain toolsets, customized Proofs of Concept and Proof of Value


Blockchain UniBlocTM Assets & Solutions: UniBlocTM as a Service (UBaaS)

Proprietary software add-ons, including:

  • Identity
  • Consent
  • Smart Contracts
  • Policy
  • Data Abstraction