Blockchain for your Business

Blockchain promises to radically simplify many business processes, reducing risk and boosting transparency.

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Blockchain Whitepapers:

A New Approach to Provider Management

Preparing for the Next Technology Evolution

Proof of Concept Development

Our experienced technical team develops a blockchain Proof of Concept (PoC) to validate the idea within 40-60 hours and move to the implementation if feasible.

Blockchain Applications

Our team develops blockchain applications that help companies to reduce risks of data tempering and fraud. We understand various Blockchain Frameworks and work with several consensus algorithms.

Smart Contract Development

We develop highly secure and reliable smart contracts to cover our partner’s custom needs using Solidity, Node.js, JavaScript, Python, Golang

Accelerate Adoption

HHS Tech Group provides services at every step of blockchain adoption

Design Thinking

Led assessment that evaluates blockchain solutions from multiple dimensions

Rapid Prototyping

Creation of Proof-of-Concepts and pilot development

Complete Implementation

Full-service implementation of blockchain solutions

Blockchain promises to radically simplify many business processes, reducing risk and boosting transparency.

Our Offerings


Strategy Assessment

Blockchain applicability, business impact and deployment strategy assessment

Solution Build & Implementation

Implementation, third-party vendor integration and custom development

Blockchain Bootcamps

Technology workshops for hands-on, training and rapid prototyping

Blockchain Solution Design

Holistic solution design that encompasses people, process, operating model and technology


Our pre-built blockchain platform UniBloc™ (Universal Blockchain) and prebuilt solutions or customized services help accelerate the realization of your blockchain network.

Reference Architecture

Our Solutions on IBM Hyperledger Fabric Platform

Medibook (Patient EHR)

Application that shares Patient Medical History with Doctors, Nurses – In or - Out of Network.

KYC/AML Solution

Automated tool for ID verification, risk screening and processes automation.

It’s no longer a question of whether blockchain systems will disrupt how organizations transfer and ensure value with one another.

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