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Document Network (SDN)

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Content on SDN Fact Sheet

How does Content help you?

Tamper Proofing

Documents can’t be deleted, forged or altered . They can be updated but the old document will always remain

Verification of documents

Authentication powered by encryption system. The proof of document existence gets verified upon re - uploading the document


Ability to provide a single pane of glass


Adaptable to legislative / policy change


Professional technical assistance and training support


Manage security of your personal or shared data

System-wide search

Provide intelligent data search across all data sources using flexible domain classification

Easy regular upgrades

Manage security of your personal or shared data

Content on SDN offers verification services for the uploaded documents such as Passport, Driver License, Death or Marriage Certificates, Licenses etc. It provides a tamper-proofing service which disables users forging or altering the document once it was first recorded on Blockchain.

Why Content

  • Support for different repositories
  • Smart Data Search across cloud storages
  • Modern and user-friendly design
  • Integrated virus scanning functionality
  • Document indexing
  • Document classification, secured document sharing, and other useful functionality
  • Reliable document encryption
  • Access control management (appropriate permissions granted to different users for document access, view, download, copy, etc.)
  • Structured storage of documents over the decentralized network
  • Mechanism for tamper-proof verifiable integrity of the documents
  • Secure transfer and authenticity of data
  • Lightweight and easy to work


Perpetual and Subscription pricing available upon request

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