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Discover your Data® (DyD®)
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DyD is an end-to-end platform solution that allows healthcare payers, nonprofit and public sector organizations, pharma, researchers, academic medical centers, and providers to translate big questions into deep understanding by seamlessly connecting to the nation’s largest health data ecosystem. Or organizations can bring their own data. Our advanced technology platform easily unlocks the value of data through harmonization, exploration, visualization, and modeling. Uncover insights in real-time for data-driven decisions, targeted interventions, and faster innovation.

Data management is disjointed. Most organizations are now swimming in data that is siloed, disconnected, incompatible and difficult to decipher. To address today’s most complex healthcare challenges, organizations need a seamless approach that makes data more accessible and more manageable with the ability to easily connect disparate health data sources, collaborate across teams, and share results in a secure environment. 

How It Works


  • Federated learning and
    model deployment
  • Cloud-based, unified data platform
  • Employs artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning
  • Best-in-class data analytic partners
  • Advanced model library
  • Encryption and tokenization technology
  • Real-time performance monitoring


  • Access to the nation’s largest healthcare data ecosystem
  • Harmonize, explore, & visualize disparate data in real time
  • Seamlessly build a connected health data ecosystem
  • Support rapid deployment and agile development
  • Enhance collaboration across data sets
  • Deploy sophisticated data analytics
  • Deliver actionable insights
  • Accelerate data-driven decisions and interventions
  • Comply with state and federal regulations
  • Save time, resources, and costs
  • Solve complex problems faster

COVID-19 Research Database

In 2022, an elite consortium of data vendors selected HTG to power the nation’s largest COVID-19 research database. The COVID-19 Research Database enables public health and policy researchers to use real-world data to better understand and combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The database includes de-identified and aggregated data sets containing medical and pharmacy claims, EHR, mortality, and consumer data.







“The COVID-19 Research Database is a tremendous asset enabling novel public-health insights by delivering real-world data to stakeholders throughout the healthcare continuum.”

Travis May

Founder and President of Datavant