Data Analytics

Our platform and solutions answer healthcare’s most complex
questions quickly, accurately, and completely.

Discover your Data® (DyD®)
Connect. Discover. Explore.

DyD® revolutionizes data empowerment. Our all-encompassing platform empowers healthcare payers, non-profits, public sector entities, pharmaceutical companies, researchers, academic medical centers, and providers to turn profound questions into transformative insights.

Seamlessly plug into the nation’s largest health data ecosystem or bring your own data. Our cutting-edge technology platform effortlessly unleashes the latent potential within data, harmonizing, exploring, visualizing, and modeling it. Unearth real-time insights for data-driven decisions, targeted interventions, and accelerated innovation.

In a world where data management remains fractured, DyD® stands as the beacon of unity. Most organizations find themselves drowning in siloed, incompatible, and indecipherable data.

To tackle the intricate challenges of modern healthcare, we offer a seamless approach that democratizes data, making it accessible, manageable, and connectable. Bridge the gaps between disparate health data sources, foster cross-team collaboration, and securely share results in an environment built for the future.

How It Works


  • Federated learning
    and model deployment
  • Cloud-based, unified data platform
  • Employs AI and ML automation
  • Best-in-class data analytic partners
  • Advanced model library
  • Encryption and tokenization technology
  • Real-time performance monitoring


  • Access to the nation’s largest healthcare data ecosystem
  • Harmonize, explore, & visualize disparate data in real-time
  • Seamlessly build a connected health data ecosystem
  • Supports rapid deployment and agile development
  • Enhance collaboration across datasets
  • Deploy sophisticated data analytics
  • Deliver actionable
  • Accelerate data-driven decisions and interventions
  • Comply with state and federal regulations
  • Save time, resources, and costs
  • Solve complex problems faster

Introducing: ConstellationAI

We’ve developed ConstellationAI: an HTG initiative that harnesses the capabilities of DyD® alongside artificial intelligence. Join a meticulously curated constellation or create your own. With ConstellationAI, the sky’s the limit when it comes to unlocking the full potential of your digital assets.