Improve MMIS (Medicaid Management Information System) program management and outcomes for members, providers, and stakeholders.

MMIS Modernization with our Modular Cloud-Based Solutions

Our Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS) Modules represent a significant leap forward in healthcare administration. Our solutions streamline provider enrollment and management, coordinate benefits, employ advanced data analytics, and monitor program integrity. MMIS Modules are a powerful tool in navigating the complexities of healthcare administration, delivering tangible benefits to both providers and beneficiaries.

Discover your Provider® (DyP®)

Our state-of-the-art SaaS provider management solution, DyP, offers the healthcare community the fastest enrollment technology available. Accessible through the provider portal, DyP provides a suite of empowering features, including Provider Enrollment and Provider Self-Service, with the flexibility to integrate additional functionalities. With DyP, you can:

  • Efficiently enroll and manage providers according to state-specific requirements.
  • Simplify the process of screening, credentialing, enrolling, and revalidating provider records, reducing administrative burdens.
  • Enhance the overall experience for physicians, allowing them to focus on patient care, boost staff efficiency, and ensure the highest quality in customer service for the entire healthcare team.

Verify your Entity™ (VyE™)

VyE™ does more than just collect data; it distills complex information into an easily digestible format. It’s your trusted partner in the fight against risk.

Harness the power of millions of data points to supercharge your entity management. VyE™ empowers you to seamlessly identify, verify, and manage enrollment, license verification, and fraud prevention information across a wide spectrum of providers, hospitals, facilities, and pharmacies. Our platform offers an intuitive navigation experience, coupled with straightforward filtering and configurable risk scoring.

With VyE™, you’re not just verifying entities; you’re unleashing the power of precision and speed, fortifying your operations, and securing a future of confidence and success.

  • Automatically green-light transactions that meet your organization’s risk threshold scores, reducing manual workloads and expediting processes.
  • Swiftly pinpoint potential concerns, signaling the need for further scrutiny of individuals or businesses.
  • Elevate operational excellence by instilling consistency and delivering reliable results at every turn.

HTG Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (HTG FHIR)

Healthcare depends on timely information sharing between patients, payers, and providers spanning millions of people nationwide. HTG FHIR provides easy access to data, API management, and flexible configurations with an unlimited number of backend data sources. HTG’s FHIR Server solution provides complete healthcare data interoperability.

  • Fully configurable, role-based self-service portal.
  • SaaS technology and Provider Directory APIs to drive interoperability and simplified data exchange.
  • Fully compliant with Health Level Seven International (HL7) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standards.
  • Flexible, interoperable end-user authentication aligned with OpenID Connect Core and OAuth 2.0 protocols.

Recover your Liability (RyL)

RyL empowers your organization to safeguard Medicaid program dollars with precision and speed through RyL’s Third-Party Liability (TPL) solutions. From pre-payment cost avoidance to post-payment recovery, RyL ensures every dollar is used wisely. With RyL, make every dollar count, secure Medicaid resources, and streamline your operations with confidence.

Our RyL platform delivers the power to:

  • Swiftly uncover and tap into third-party payment resources, maximizing savings for states.
  • Guarantee claims are paid only after exhausting all available third-party liabilities, saving Medicaid funds.
  • Condense complex information into easily digestible formats for informed decision-making.
  • Automatically approve transactions that meet your risk threshold criteria, reducing manual workloads.
  • Detect potential concerns swiftly, prompting further analysis when necessary.
  • Elevate operational efficiency by providing a consistent process and dependable results.

Experience you can trust.

Since 2007, HTG has served the needs of State and Federal Health and Human Services by delivering high-quality, cloud-based software and technical services with a specific focus on Medicaid Management Information Systems Modularity. HTG provides state-of-the-art, SaaS solutions to support states’ Medicaid modernization and interoperability strategies.

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